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Supplier of sound-insulating upholstery for machines.

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Federtex is active in all important markets in which insulation of sound as well as thermal, or vibration insulation play an important role.

Our broad range of products allows us to offer a specific solution for every specific application.
Federtex offers solutions for off road equipment such as excavators, loaders and for road construction.
But fork lift trucks, agricultural machines, trucks, busses, boats, generators, pumps turbines etc. are also fitted with our products. We offer a complete product range in these market sectors, from motor insulation to cabin coverings.
Every market has its own specific characteristics. The Federtex product specialists determine which products would be most suitable to apply to your situations, in consultancy with you.
We also have excellent contacts with many suppliers in various market sectors. Federtex delivers Just In Time in cooperation with you and your suppliers, at the agreed location and delivery time.




The years of experience within our group, the technical staff and the development centre in New Richmond allow us to put together the right products with the client. Products which solve noise problems, but which also take costs and durability into account.

Sound measurements can be made as part of the development process so that the right choice can be made for the materials and the design.

A large number of specialist work on noise control, design and material technology in the development centre in New Richmond. There are also opportunities to carry out various tests.


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After determining what type of material has to be applied to which part of the machine in order to achieve the desired effect, we have to determine how the correct shape can be achieved in the most economical way.


Federtex has a wide range of machines in order to achieve this. The material is not only cut to the correct size in different machines, but the edges are also treated in such a way that liquids cannot penetrate.

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Interior covers for roof, posts and side panels are often formed out of a carrier material with a decorative top layer.